My Swim Wears From Before And Now

Since it is summer already, it is time for me to put all the swim wears out! Anyway I am not swimming for fun only but to learn really how to swim. Oh well I have to thank my friends for pushing me to be swimming with them. Today is my start to learn how to swim I am crossing my fingers that I will. On the other hand here are my varieties of swim wears that I have purchased through the years. As you can see most of them are colored blue. It was only recently that I decided to change my colors when buying swim wears; I choose color brown or dark colors so to cover my fats. I mean at least it is not too obvious that I am really obviously, definitely getting so fat.

 photo HPIM2788.jpg

 photo HPIM2789.jpg

These two blues are the first ones I bought after that one piece I had before. The second blue was purchased during the time when I was pregnant with Faith and we decided to plunge in the pool with my sister.

 photo HPIM2790.jpg

The recent I bought, I was looking already for medium size this time but I could not find any so I just picked this one.

 photo HPIM2783.jpg

This is the most recent I purchased, I bought this one last summer when the company I worked for had a company getaway.

 photo HPIM2791.jpg

 photo HPIM2792.jpg

My tops and shorts

 photo HPIM2793.jpg

This is the one piece I was mentioning about, but when I wore this one I always have my short over. Geez I bought this one so long ago already.

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