It is Not The Time But The Energy

We always think of things that we would like to do but we always say that we don’t have time and we always wish to have more time to spend with our husband after dinner like walking or talking, we always wish to connect with our kids, we always in the rush especially when we have kids who are under 18. Our schedule is so hectic that we can’t even find time for ourselves, but time management-experts say that it is not having much time is our problem but our energy to do it. We actually have more time than what we think but what we are lacking is we don’t have enough energy to do it. Low energy can make you lose focus and motivation; you did not realize is that when your energy is high, it actually multiplies your time, because if you have more energy it will go with positive emotions. And by having energy it equals to happiness, hope, anticipation, curiosity and satisfaction.

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