It is Not The Time But The Energy

We always think of things that we would like to do but we always say that we don’t have time and we always wish to have more time to spend with our husband after dinner like walking or talking, we always wish to connect with our kids, we always in the rush especially when we have kids who are under 18. Our schedule is so hectic that we can’t even find time for ourselves, but time management-experts say that it is not having much time is our problem but our energy to do it. We actually have more time than what we think but what we are lacking is we don’t have enough energy to do it. Low energy can make you lose focus and motivation; you did not realize is that when your energy is high, it actually multiplies your time, because if you have more energy it will go with positive emotions. And by having energy it equals to happiness, hope, anticipation, curiosity and satisfaction.

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Thank You For The Gifts Mabel!

I am just so happy today because I was able to see my long-time friend from Dubai; she messaged me this morning that she will be coming to Davao with her son. She has to get some requirements for her son’s passport because she is planning to bring him someday in Dubai. So after the Kumon session of my two kids we went to the mall right away, actually I still have an appointment from other mall before I went to the mall that we agreed to meet.

She treats us for lunch all the three of us. Faith of course was so happy because she was able to eat again in her favorite fast food chain, Jollibee. My friend also gave me some gift a nice classy red bag and some chocolates. I sent them to NSO office in Cabaguio before my kids and I went to the other mall to have a picture taking with the Bone Museum.

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My Swim Wears From Before And Now

Since it is summer already, it is time for me to put all the swim wears out! Anyway I am not swimming for fun only but to learn really how to swim. Oh well I have to thank my friends for pushing me to be swimming with them. Today is my start to learn how to swim I am crossing my fingers that I will. On the other hand here are my varieties of swim wears that I have purchased through the years. As you can see most of them are colored blue. It was only recently that I decided to change my colors when buying swim wears; I choose color brown or dark colors so to cover my fats. I mean at least it is not too obvious that I am really obviously, definitely getting so fat.

 photo HPIM2788.jpg

 photo HPIM2789.jpg

These two blues are the first ones I bought after that one piece I had before. The second blue was purchased during the time when I was pregnant with Faith and we decided to plunge in the pool with my sister.

 photo HPIM2790.jpg

The recent I bought, I was looking already for medium size this time but I could not find any so I just picked this one.

 photo HPIM2783.jpg

This is the most recent I purchased, I bought this one last summer when the company I worked for had a company getaway.

 photo HPIM2791.jpg

 photo HPIM2792.jpg

My tops and shorts

 photo HPIM2793.jpg

This is the one piece I was mentioning about, but when I wore this one I always have my short over. Geez I bought this one so long ago already.

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Swim With Your Friends

It is so much fun when you do your fitness with your friend so find time to do some workouts with your friend. This is to inspire you more to be healthy and to slim down. This is also a great way to bond with each other out of your being busy each day. It is summer so have time for yourself, you have to fully use this time when you are not that busy to send and or fetch your kids at school. So since I really want to at least slim down a bit, I have used my time waiting for Mj until she is done with her training. My friends and I agreed in one thing to swim even though I will have to use a kick board for me to reach at the other side of the edge. So far we had so much fun, I just have to get use to it, coz for the meantime my legs get so tired so easy.

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