The Easiest Survival Tips

We women have ups and downs, we are lucky because we can express it to our friends or we can cry out loud to release our emotions. Sometimes we take it seriously; we just imprisoned ourselves to our bedroom and just stayed in our bed for long hours. We always asked ourselves, why this thing has to happen. What have I done so on and so forth.

There are survival tips we can share and the easiest way is:

Don’t welcome negativity, I mean yeah spending time alone crying is enough for one or two days, the next day should be treat as the newest day meaning no cries anymore. Think positive and be thankful of what you have, what happen before was already a past and you can’t stay behind; you should move forward and think positive.

Be good with company, you know that you are very vulnerable this time so when someone would drag you somewhere, you will go without minding at all if it can good for you or not. You tend to go with the flow and careless of what will happen the next day. It is okay to enjoy but make sure that you are in good company who cared so much for you. Go with people who can advise and encourage you to do more good in your life.

Take time to laugh, when everything seems toxic, take time to yourself. Laugh with your kids, bond with them for a while if you are still single. Make everything stop and do things that you would enjoy like listening to some music in your phone can be a lot of help for you to be effective in the next hour.

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