Training And Seminar Tonight For The Parents At The Pool

We just attended a seminar tonight; we were invited by our coach. My friends and I decided went there at 7 in the evening tonight.  I didn’t bring my car since my friend told me I can ride on her car. We went to the venue together, the seminar was started with motivation and that is to throw away all the negative vibes. We sang and dance just before the speaker went to stage.

The speaker was funny so we are responding; he has many insights which are true. There’s one advice of him that if somebody borrowed some money from you and it was already years and years that he or she was not able to pay. You send him or her, a letter and an envelope. The letter consist of the amount of money that he or she can pay, the smallest amount would do. And you tell him or her that every month he or she will receive an envelope and he or she should return that with the smallest bill. So even though it will take him or her too long to pay the whole amount at least it was deducted. He also advised us on how to save effectively so on and so forth.

The training was free and he just asked us for referral to his website, which his training videos were all in the website. In the website, he will reveal what to do on how to be a millionaire.

We were not able to finish the seminar because it was past 11 already and I was already sleepy. If the seminar was started a bit early, maybe just maybe we were able to finish the whole training. I was not able to get the link because he will not give us a link unless we finish the training.

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