I And The Kids Are Looking Forward For Summer Class

It’s almost summer and yes the school break is just around the corner and my daughter is looking forward for it. Why? It is because, one of the summer class that she will choose are learning to play other instrument, or joining the Red Cross team or voice lesson. I advised her of voice lesson because she keeps on singing and it is already not good to the ear anymore. Yes, like me she also loves to sing and like what I mention to my other blog, the song does not love us and yes we already admitted that. But with proper voice lesson, I know she could work out her voice and so instead we will get annoy of her keep on singing, we would appreciate it. On the other note, it is really up to her what to take up this summer, it is either she will learn another musical instrument or voice lesson. Anyway, if she will decide to learn how to play another instrument or she want to level up her guitar lesson from basic to acoustic  even if it is needed any other accessory like boss od 2 from guitar center whatever is the instrument that she would pick I will support her. But of course she have to mind for now her grades, if she have high grades this time, I will be the one to enroll her to any activity this summer.

For my youngest daughter, first thing I will have to enroll for her is swimming. Why swimming? So to at least, she will know how to survive in the water even without a floater. It is already 3 consecutive summer that I enroll her for swimming class but this time I hope she will learn different kinds of strokes so she can compete for novice next year. Nevertheless, she loves to sing too, I am just not sure with playing some instruments.

And your’s truly, I know what I want for summer and this is to learn how to cook without any Magic Sarap or Ajinomoto or whatsoever. My friend already inquire for cooking class. One restaurant offered us a summer class  and they even mention that we could have a session for one on one class  but we thought to just be in a group, for me when you are in a group, you will not be bore at all  so I will be joining with two girl friends on summer.

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