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Zumba Early In The Morning

Last night I asked my niece Moreen to wake me up early in the morning as I’ll be the one to cook for our breakfast. When we ate our breakfast, I remember my friends told me about exercising and getting fit. Yes, some of my colleagues in the pool will jog, walk, and sometimes they will join the dry land of the kids. I envy them because they have the energy to do it. One of my friends said that when you exercise, everything will just so light then and you will not get easily tired. I got easily tired nowadays so I know I need to exercise.

This morning, I was thinking this is the best day to start getting fit. My husband bought me a Zumba class tape on Wii. This is nice because they will rate your dance and if you get perfect or finish the whole class, you will have a bonus, they will give you another danceable music. I exercise by doing their dance steps and followed the beat, for only 15 minutes, I was already perspiring. I aimed for one hour but this time since I just started, I will have to have 30 minutes, anyway I was already sweating for like 15 minutes already.

After 3o minutes of sweating, I turned the Wii off, fixing some plates on the dining table, then I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I took a bath so early; I could not wait for so many hours for me to take a bath, it is better to take a bath when you just finished the exercise. And the feeling was great; it is just so nice to take a bath in the comfort of your home. And now I am ready to go out to send Faith to school.

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