Friends In The New Team

Friendships come and go and I am so happy to say that most of them stayed and some of them was I reconciled. It is a good feeling indeed when you know of yourself that you have them to always cherish with. And when we go back to the pool, I was able to make close with these friends. And the kids were able to kindle back their friendship, one of them whom she just met when she went back is one of the closest that she had.

 photo 1977033_10202136901878057_1333133150_n.jpg

My friends in the pool, I hope this friendship will blossom until ever after

 photo 1924399_10202136904958134_182886475_n.jpg

My daughter and friends in the team with their coach

 photo 1150833_10202518365453181_505941458_n.jpg

My daughter’s team mates and friends

 photo cats-4.jpg

One of Mj’s new closest friend started last year

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