To Boost Happiness

Think of a simple activity that makes you happy if it’s not every day, do it at least every other day or once in a week. Drinking coffee in a prestigious coffee shop can be costly however if it makes you happy then go for it. Remember, that all works, no play makes Juan a dull boy. I learned that from elementary, so enjoy and the next day you will be even more productive because of that simple happiness.

When you do things don’t aim it to be perfect. At least you finish it and you have done it good, you were able to give your heart to it and that will make you happy. Just be happy of what you can do, than making it perfect and could not even finish it. In the end, you will get frustrated because you could not make it perfect.

When feeling sad, bond with your kids, their laugh, smiles and hugs can make your day the best one even if you are in your deepest sorrow, their presence can make you say “I am more than okay”

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