Look At It This Way

Remember 3 things when you are going to wear something fashionable

1. So you are a boyish and you want to change something for the better, or for your crush who just live next door or because you are matured enough to embrace the feminine side, the easiest way is to choose a color that shows off womanly and not girlish feel.

2. Choose your accessory. It doesn’t have to be a stone jewelry but some necklaces, a subtler chain perhaps?

3. Keep neat, obviously choose smooth silhouette, clean shoes, and you have to manicure your nails not only in your fingers but in your toes too. Yes it can be covered by your sandals or shoes or anyway it is down way bottom but hey wait some other guys would look in your toes and they will get disappointed if your finger nails and toe nails are not a match or equally neat and clean.

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