Staying At Home On Valentine’s Day

Yay it is February 14 today but since my sister will be coming over and that I have to give her some money for the laundry, the tutor also asked for cash advance since it is Valentine’s Day and she wants to enjoy it with her friends. So the remaining money I had in my wallet was giving to them and I have nothing to at least go to the mall to eat or to celebrate this day with a friend. I wanted to go to their house but I don’t even have money for fare or for buying some gas to my car. I have money in my bank but I don’t want to withdraw it that is intended for savings. I will just withdraw for emergency purposes, besides I also want to buy something for the house that needed a big amount.

February 14 and I am stuck here at home, the kids do not have school. Mj asked me later if she can go to a friend’s house nearby, they will have movie marathon with her classmates, I let her since there is only seldom that she can have this kind of bonding with friends. Faith and I just enjoyed us watching movie or playing then I took a nap later. Well, it is also rare to stay at home the whole day so I am taking this opportunity. What about you? How was your Valentine’s Day?

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