Reunion With My Teammate Friends Before

It has been a while since we have not seen and talk to each other, so I did not slipped this chance to gather them. I invited two of my friends in the pool from our team before on Faith’s birthday. We had lots of things to catch up especially for Ethel and Joyce; they were not able to talk since then. I miss this friendship very much. They were the friends I was with when we go to Manila for competition; I was able to visit the Star City and Enchanted Kingdom because of them. Here’s our reunion photo:

 photo HPIM2362_zps1a8b2274.jpg

Later that day, after the birthday party we agreed for the kids to have bonding, yes their kids are Mj’s friend as well and it is seldom to have them see each other in a year. So we went to the mall and waited for the kids to finish their bonding, they watch the 5D and they also went to time zone to have fun. We went to Penongs for our dinner; my sister went with us too.

 photo HPIM2467_zpse7275bcb.jpg

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