Hectic Schedule Today

This morning has been so hectic for me; I have to go out from the house to go to my daughter’s school. My husband and I decided to face the principal and so I could make a formal complaint regarding of one of their teachers who posted academics (pointers in Exam) in Facebook. But before I was able to talk to the principal I have to get through the Secretary to set an appointment to the Principal. Good thing the Principal was very responsive and comforted me that she will make a follow up on it. After our talk, I went home to fetch Faith to send her to school. I went to grocery shop too; the fridge has been empty since Saturday. Right after I grocery shop I went back to Faith’s school, I waited there for an hour to fetch her. It’s her schedule for Kumon, so I sent her there. Mj on the other hand will have to go in Kumon today as well to catch up her miss session last Saturday. She can commute but I will have to fetch her afterwards, I just need to send Faith back home. I am too busy today but I am thankful that I was able to accomplish especially with Mj’s school. I was able to rest at home, after the training of Mj at 10 in the evening.

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