Provides Power Pedal

All of the various gadgets we have all have their own power cords.  We tend to misplace them from time and often have to replace them.  When I see musicians perform, whether in a concert I see microphone and power cords running all over the stage and wonder if they can keep track of all of them.  Also cords like an exciting boss psa-120s provides what they need to power pedals and other devices that require 500mA of power.  So I know how frustrated I get when I can’t find the cord for my phone, I can imagine how frustrating it would be for a professional to find out a cord was missing.  It is always a good idea to have spare or two on hand.

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Sleeping While Driving?

I know it’s a big no, no but geez I could not help it, I slept too late last night because I was following the drama teenage love series in The finale will be next week and actually, I just got interested on it recently.

I didn’t notice the time but I know it is already late when I hit the bed. So what to expect when you lack of sleep and you have to send your daughter to school? Of course, the probability of falling asleep while driving is a big chance. Yes, I almost fell asleep in between traffic lights, like the light is red and everyone has to stop, my eyes would shut as well.

But I have to grocery shop yet; I can’t go to the saloon to have my nails done and sleep as well because I have to grocery shop. Faith will have early dismissal today at school so I am looking forward to it, I promised to sleep when we arrive home at least before I send Mj to the pool. Sigh, the life of a busy mother.

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Making A Good Progress

My eldest daughter plays the guitar and as she becomes more and more proficient she has started to ask for things that can help her like different types of strings and other gear.  She has even got us to start looking for clamps that fit on the frets (guitar capo) like the shubb c6b.  I actually did not know what a “capo” was until she brought it up and got me looking for one.  She is still learning but making good progress.  As she continues to improve, I am sure she will want to improvise on the music she is playing and things like a guitar capo can help her create her own sound.

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The Movie That You Must Watch For This Year

When the Starting Over Again showed on the first day this month, my niece tags me along to watch it. Of course, what it made special is that she was the one who pay our movie and not only that; she was also the one who bought us our snacks.

The movie is about a college girl who had a big crush on her teacher that she always shouts his name in the campus. She also wrote a letter over the Internet and her teacher read it after years. The teacher on the other hand has the same feelings, they were in love with each other until such time that the guy proposed to the girl and the girl said no.

Anyway, this is not just an ordinary love story; I don’t like to go into details because I might just spoil it. But my recommendation is you have to watch it especially for those girls who fell in love, who broke their boyfriends and fell in love again. I tell you it’s for all of you.

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