The Wife Today Is Sending Her Husband To The Airport

My husband’s flight is at 10:35 in the evening today, so he have to be in the airport at 8 in the evening. I will have to drive him there in the airport but the moment we went out in the house the weather did not cooperate instead it rained so hard. Plus, Mj messaged me that she needs the three bottles of water in the freezer and some extra money; she’s at school for their camping. They had an overnight stay at school for Girl Scout activity. We dropped by at her school to send the things she needed then we went to Save More as well to buy some medicines for my husband while he is in the airport. I took the long cut road this time because I was avoiding for a possible flood in down town.

When we arrived at the airport, I let my husband used the umbrella since he is not feeling well. I was the one who carried his carry-on bag until at the door and then he kissed me goodbye. I texted him while he is still inside, I told him I’ll be staying until he can checked-in, I was worried he cannot get through because of his condition, he texted me back then that he is already checked-in and so I went to the parking area to drive home. I supposed to watch a movie but I decided not since the weather was not really good. I don’t want to be stranded in downtown because of flood.

This weather sometimes could really stop me of doing something. The weather has been like this since last week and it’s no fun at all.

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