His Driver

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It is maybe rare for a wife to drive for her husband but I am proud to say that I am doing that. My husband just arrived last January 2 at 6 in the morning. He spent his New Year in the airport, I tag my kids with me when we fetch him in the airport and since I need to prepare Faith yet we arrived in the airport late already. My husband called me from the airport asking where we were already, my eldest daughter was the one who answered the phone since I was driving. I was actually already over speeding, I was just being careful checking if there were police around with their speed gun. Anyway that was only 6 in the morning yet so I guess no policemen roaming around. When I parked the car to the parking area in the airport my husband has been there already waiting for us already. The kids screamed “It’s Daddy!” and right away they hug and kiss him. Do you find it awkward to be the driver of your husband? For me it is not though, actually I found it very cute.

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