Girls Bonding Together

I had a little bonding with my eldest daughter today; we went out to watch a movie. But before this day, I was pissed off with her, I scolded her of something, I was disappointed but I keep on reminding her it is not for me but her own good. Although I keep on reminding her of that something, I still tag her to the movie, we were just supposed to go to the pool immediately but we went out from the house a little bit early so we dropped by in the mall.

I noticed the Bride for Rent is still showing, so I asked if she want to watch she excitedly said yes. So you see we argue, I scolded her but in the end of the day we are still agreed on one thing and that is to watch a movie. We love to watch movies but I can’t tag my 2 nieces along with me all the time, movies are getting so expensive I rather buy a tape to watch it altogether at once in the house.

I was not able to watch the Film Festival and they are all gone already. Too bad but anyway as I said I can still watch them through DVD.

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