From A Friend’s Dinner Party

I just arrived from my friend’s farewell party, good thing my car was fix this morning. My mechanic went here to fix it; the screw that is attached to the battery was loosened so we need to replace it. Right after he replaced that screw, the car started again. I went out at about 5 in the afternoon with Mj. We dropped by first at my friend’s bakeshop to get my order (Foods for the GODS). And then we went to my friend’s house for her farewell party. Yes she and her family will go back to Texas tomorrow, surely we will miss her. We supposed to go to Samal for a short getaway but the weather forecast said there is typhoon today, to make it safe we didn’t push through the plan instead we went to the dinner party of my friend. Thanks for inviting us girl, I am so full, all the foods are all great! We will miss you and happy trip tomorrow, take care always!

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