Appreciate Little Things

I am tired, and so when I am tired while writing I will just browse in my Personal FB account and read some updates. I saw an update from a friend it is actually an article of a musician. It said that this musician was playing his instrument in the subway, people were passing by.¬† They were hurrying up for appointments and such. Some would stop for a while and listen to what the musician was playing but no one really stayed to finish the whole song. One boy glanced and stopped to listen to the musician but of course mothers are pushing them forward even so kids could not help to look back at the musician. Little did they know that the musician is one of the famous musician in the world, her concert would be the next day and sold millions of tickets. I am just not sure which instrument did the musician play what I am sure though is, kiddingly aside obviously he did not play the¬†Hammerax cymbals, he might have played flute or something I forgot. I am not even sure if the article was true. But if it is, it reminds us to appreciate some little things because we didn’t know if that will go to something big.

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