A Long Time Friend Will Come Over

She has been my friend since college, we were not classmate nor school mate, she studied to a different school. But we always saw each other in a bus, yes we were neighbors but she lives in a few blocks away. Since we were always seeing each other, we were able to chat and became friends. When we graduated in college, we even looked for a job together. Sometimes she will go to our house to chat, we were actually 3. We also went there to talk and or have some fun. We got separated when she decided to work abroad, she stayed for long years. I didn’t even know she is here already now we were able to chat in Facebook. And she promised to come over on Monday, I am so excited to see her, to chat with her again it has been a long while that we were not able to catch up our each whereabouts. She said she had a problem and that is what I will try to find out. I also confide on her before and I know right now she needs a friend to listen to her.

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