Woman’s Job, My Job

It is indeed a woman’s job to fix the things in the house. But sometimes I really get irritated when I feel like I am doing it all and no one minds to help at all. I get tired sometimes you know especially when I have to be the one to drive back and forth for the kids. There was one time that I need to go to LTO to have my car renewed then went back home and then sent Faith to Kumon, we went back to the house again and then I sent Mj to the pool then went back home. And when I arrived home I was flat tire, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the couch.

Good thing it is raining at night that I don’t have to send Mj to the pool, I am sure the water will be so cold. Mj wants to swim but I told her not yet since it is raining and I was also waiting for the Sky Cable to connect their internet. Mj did her Kumon instead I supposed to cook for our dinner, but Mariel just arrived on time and so she continued what I cooked.

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