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Woman’s Job, My Job

It is indeed a woman’s job to fix the things in the house. But sometimes I really get irritated when I feel like I am doing it all and no one minds to help at all. I get tired sometimes you know especially when I have to be the one to drive back and forth for the kids. There was one time that I need to go to LTO to have my car renewed then went back home and then sent Faith to Kumon, we went back to the house again and then I sent Mj to the pool then went back home. And when I arrived home I was flat tire, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the couch.

Good thing it is raining at night that I don’t have to send Mj to the pool, I am sure the water will be so cold. Mj wants to swim but I told her not yet since it is raining and I was also waiting for the Sky Cable to connect their internet. Mj did her Kumon instead I supposed to cook for our dinner, but Mariel just arrived on time and so she continued what I cooked.

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Needed For The Job

We are going to have some iron work installed to help keep our home secure.  What we are trying to do is raise the height of our wall by a about 15 inches.  The iron work will go on top of the concrete wall (fence) we have surrounding our yard.  I am sure this will involve some welding and I took a look at for welding equipment.  I did not know much about welding equipment, but I know that along with the welder itself you need.  No matter what kind of welder and welding equipment that is needed for the job, I am sure it can be found at

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