Wall Art For Our New Home

Few things excite me like thinking of how I will decorate my new home.  We recently purchased a new house after renting for years and I am really looking forward to decorating this new house.   Of course I will put our family pictures on walls, but I was thinking of other ways to really enhance the appearance of  our new homes interior.  One the ways I am considering is using “wandatattoo” or wall decals/stickers.  I have a large collection of wall stickers to choose from.  Wall decals for every room in the house.  I know I can create a unique look that can really make my home look good.

When I think of our family room, I want to have bright sunny looking decor.  trees, leaves birds, things like that.   I want wall decors that will make my home look bright but homey at the same time.  I can find specified wall decors online.  With such a large selection, I can find almost anything I want. I really like the idea of wall decals that are easy to apply and easy to move.  The idea of just moving a decal to change the appearance of a particular room is really appealing.

If I choose Wall Art Stickers I know where to go online to find them.  If I want to put trees, potted plants or even Audry Hepburn on my wall, I can and at affordable prices.  Decorating your home should be fun and I know that is sure is a lot more fun to put up wall decals then it is to paint.  One thing for sure it is a lot less messy.  My hustband tells me that I tend to “wear”paint.  So when it comes time to decorate our home, whether it is just a specific room or a a whole house wh don’t ou consider wall decals, they are a lot lots easier.

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