Ways To Wear A White Shirt

So you have a white shirt but you don’t have any idea what to match with it. Here are some tips that might give you an idea.

  • You can pair white shirt with printed pants, or like floral designs. It is hard to look for match with floral pants design right? White is always a match to any design.
  • Pair white with light pink shorts and if you want be look cozier by adding more colors, you can also try wearing a black belt and colorful flat shoes.
  • With look casual day, look for a brown leather jacket, orange color belt, snakeskin can do and satin wedges and of course the white shirt.
  • If you are about to have dinner in a fancy restaurant, tuck your white shirt into a lace pencil skirt or black peplum skirt, match it with nude peep toe pumps, you can also match it with accessories.
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