The Gifts That These Girls Received

We had our Christmas party for the swimming club today, as we agreed we went to D Leonor resort, but when we are in our way Mj suddenly told me that the cakes were left at home. I have to text my niece to meet us in Abreeza mall since that mall is the nearest mall from the resort. So after I dropped everyone in the resort I have to drive again, to meet my niece.

However when we went back to the resort I got lost, I mean we are totally lost. The road was the way to go to another town, the D’Leonor resort is on the other way. I guess that was like 15 miles away, so right now while I am tapping my fingers in the keyboard I am half asleep, my eyes are closing half LOL. I will post what really happened in my travel blog.

 photo img6795jpg_zps8d682c82.jpg

This photo is not mine.

I am tired but I have to update all my 3 blogs, I’ll try my half open eyes to be really in full blast. So this is what I got from the Christmas Party, a T-shirt. And I love it, thanks Tina for the gift.

This white blouse is what I got:

 photo HPIM2066_zps292ee615.jpg

And since the one who pick our name up are mom daughter, Mj has the same gift that she receive and it is a blouse as well.

 photo HPIM2067_zps5f300fcb.jpg

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