Petition Me So I Can Go Out

I am not sure if I would be biased or I will trust to understand the girl but her way of taking the exit is very wrong. A friend of a friend confided on me about his girlfriend, the girl told him when he arrived that she have another boyfriend and this boyfriend already petition her for a fiancée visa. It is almost approved or it is about to approve to the embassy however she had doubts that she might only be a nanny of his 3 kids. She wanted to cancel that petition if she is sure that this new guy would petition her.

I was like uh uh, something is wrong, in the first place if she is having doubts at all why she would allow the other guy to petition her or if she did not love him, the same question would I still ask why she allowed him to petition her or see him here.  I mean the guy should see her here since one could not petition for a fiancée visa if they did not meet right? I asked the new guy if the girl loves him, he said according to her, she loves him. In which I doubt, I mean I really don’t understand I just told him to be careful of the girl because she might just using him as a ticket to go out in the State. And I hope not anyway, I mean I hope she is being true to the new  guy this time.

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