Let’s Talk About Them

I have no against with girl to girl relationship, it is just sometimes there are some of them I’ve seen in public places doing their thing while it is too crowded or worst there are kids around. That should be halt, I mean go and get a room girls. LOL. But this new contest in Showtime made me so giggled and laughs. They were lesbians who are showing off their charms and talent in TV, it is not the common Boy Pogi or Ms. Universe kind of beauty but they are, and mind you they captured the people’s heart. I could even see some girls are screaming and giggling of their charms, and I admit, me too.

Gays are already well known of this society, in fact we already accepted that there are gays and since Lesbians are not that exposed.¬† They are more¬†discriminated than of Gays. This show served as a tool that there are Lesbians in this world who should also be respected and accepted. I wonder though when malls could put C.R.s for Gays and Lesbians, I know they should enter a C.R. according to their gender however there are times that it is awkward for straight and them going to both C.R. especially when there are kids around and they would tell what’s in their mind. Like of what I witnessed in the C.R. one day, there’s a lesbian who went there and the kid demanded her to go out because she looks like a guy and that a C.R. for girls, the mom immediately respond the girl and told her that she is also a girl, it leaves a confusion to the kid. I could see it in her face that she was not convinced after all.

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