The Majority

Mothers are the ones who always there to attend their kids school, activities and the like. I mean the husband is there but it is rare.  Who would we always see to send kids at school? Who would we always see in the field when our kids have extra -curricular activities? I always see the Mom.

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4 years already that I am sending my eldest daughter for her training, 4 years already that I am being the stage mom when my daughter has a competition, 4 years already that I saw Moms who are really fighting for their kids when their kids seems like falling behind from their event especially in those big competition that includes the government. I saw husbands or the Dad of their kids but the extra effort is coming from the Moms.

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Maybe then I saw more Mothers in the field because we don’t have work and the husband is in the office working so hard so to support the needs of the family. Thus, the Dads can only attend not in the training but in competitions or recognition days or any special event of the kids. There are only numbers that are the Daddy who is attending their kids in the pool but the majority is always the Mothers.

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