The Laid Back Guy

Are you a girl who have a big crush on this guy but you just don’t have any what he’s like or doesn’t like or what  is really catches his eyes, there are tips to know these things and let’s begin with:

If the guy is a laid back type, you should know that he is a guy of figuring it all out. He is the one who walks with pace, if others are sprinting he is the kind of guy who is taking it a time. You can find him mostly in coffee shops; he also makes time for deep conversation. A laid back guy is very in tune. He is comfortable being with a girl who are not pretending so just be yourself, in that way you are letting him to know that he is free to show what he really is. You can catch his eyes by discussing of the books that you are into, be real of what genre you like and tell him the reasons why you love it. Boasting yourself is a big no, like boasting that you wins in an argument, it is better if you share an anecdote that ends with.

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