Mother Or Women Nagging

Every morning when I prepare for our breakfast, I can’t help not to nag to my nieces, and to my eldest daughter. I always almost shouting to do this and this and that and that, to hurry up because the time is running, to at least fix their bedroom so on and so forth. And I am so getting tired that no matter how I chill out, I can’t. I can’t help not to notice that the floor is mess up and I am too busy to take care of that and they are just there watching or just maybe ignoring all the things at home. I AM TIRED!

Nagging according to is:

1. continually faultfinding, complaining, or petulant: a nagging parent.
2. persistently recurring; unrelenting:

How to stop nagging? Oh well I am not sure if I could apply this because whenever I am just tamed about it the more I feel like hurt or the more I feel like they are not learning after all.

  • Women needs to know the best way to converse his or her needs, plus it commences together with steadly declaring the concepts mentioned or completed and also how we believed about it.
  • Yet another tactic can be to take action, rather than having for the soapbox.
  • Look at those times your kids was able to do something and they made it happen.   Then think about what we do in different ways which proved helpful. Learn from that and change future conditions so you don’t need to nag.
  • Have a heart to heart talk  to your kids about  what it is like for being constantly hounded of something, but in a  loving approach.

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