Alternative Ideas for Hen Nights

The hen night is the traditional last night of freedom for brides to be. While the event used to be held on the night before the wedding these days it’s more common to take place weeks before the big day. It’s an excuse to party and to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with lots of alcohol and clubbing involved.  While many brides to be love the idea of letting their hair down and being the centre of attention there are others who simply don’t enjoy a night of dancing and downing shots.

Step away from the Predictable Hen Night

There are plenty of alternative ways to celebrate this traditional night, here are some options you may find appealing:

A Day at the Races

Party packages are the perfect way to go and enjoy a day of luxury and refinement at the races. There are race courses up and down the country with many events but if you want to go all out you should book a box at the Grand National or the Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. On these days the fashion often overshadows the races! Get dressed up, have a few bets and enjoy some glasses of champagne as you cheer on your horses.

A Trip to the Big City

London is an amazing city and there are loads of things to do there that will be perfect for the hen. One of the current trends is to go on the London Eye. You get to sip champagne while taking in the views of the London skyline with all your friends and family. If you do intend on going on to a few bars and clubs afterwards the trip on the London Eye could be the ideal start to the night. However, it’s an event in itself. Pre book so you don’t need to worry about waiting in the lines and remember to add a second glass of champagne in case any of the group empties their glass too soon for the photos.

Outdoor Adventures

The sporty bride to be will love the idea of some psychic al activities. There are lots of great centres where you can climb among the tree tops, go canoeing, head out onto the waves for some surfing or go abseiling. Pony trekking is also a popular day out. Book a night in a nearby hotel and enjoy some rest and relaxation after all burning off all the nervous energy.

Meeting with a Clairvoyant

For those who believe in the paranormal it can be great fun to book a reading with a clairvoyant. You can all find out something about your lives and what to expect in the future. It’s important to have a good attitude to the reading and to stay relaxed. At the end of the reading finish up with a few bottles of wine to ground everyone in case there are some people in the party who feel particularly spooked by the event. Find a reputable clairvoyant with a good reputation, visit site to find one in your area or within reach of your hotel.

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12 Responses to “Alternative Ideas for Hen Nights”

  1. So it’s also called a hen night! Didn’t know that. And these are amazing suggestion. I’m not a party-loving person so I will def keep these in mind! 🙂

  2. I have never heard of hen nights hehehe. Great ideas though.

  3. Yes, this is some options for this Hen Nights, but for some they prefer a traditional one…just inside the event’s place or house.

  4. Nova S says:

    this is very interesting, i have known so little about weddings and stuff but the idea is very creative and good.

  5. Dhemz says:

    honestly, I’ve never heard such a term…I guess this is quite similar to bridal shower.

  6. Ria C says:

    I never had a bridal shower. Not one from my family or friends organized it for me. I was just too busy organizing my own wedding that I didn’t have time nor could afford to organize my own hen night. 🙂

  7. papaleng says:

    Perhaps in Western culture this hen night activities are okay but to those hardcore Catholics who up to now cling on to their century old traditions then these activities is a no-no. Dapat daw kasi nasa bahay na lang ang bride as well as the groom.

  8. Candyz Nikka says:

    I think it will be a fun activity before the wedding for some. ^_^

  9. Rcel says:

    Hen nights? It does sounds so fun! Unfortunaty, we women can never get to attend to one! Lol.

  10. lencilicious says:

    This is very common in Europe and US. I never experience attending one. It will be fun for sure.

  11. Going to the clairvoyant is definitely not your everyday-tip for a hen night! LOL!

  12. Algene says:

    I have no idea pa for bridal showes kasi matagal pa naman yung s akin! Lol But I’ve attended some which are really fun and completely unforgettable 🙂 Oh happy nights!