My Favorite That Never His Favorite And That Is Shopping

Christmas is only a month away and we have not finished our Christmas shopping.  My husband is not really into shopping, he much prefers I do it (well except for groceries, he likes to do that).  He really does not have the patience to shop for household items and clothes.  If I let him, he would wear his clothes until the clothes fell off him.

I love shopping and I like to take my time and find the right item for a good price that is why I am always looking for opportunities to save.  If I find a bargain or a coupon online, I will show it my husband and ask what he thinks, most of the time he will as if we really need it and other times he will just say go ahead and get it.

That is why I was happy to find stores at frugaa while looking for bargains online.  Coupons from some of my favorite stores like Old Navy and JC Penny, and websites like are available there.  We are on a fixed income and saving money is important to us.  I consider myself a “frugal” shopper and try to take advantage of savings every chance I get.  Who wouldn’t?

My youngest daughter is a big Mickey Mouse fan and I found savings for the Disney Store at Frugaa.  I can save on just about all my holiday shopping, whether it’s gifts for my husband, daughters, relatives and friends.  From Old Navy for clothing, Dell for electronics and items for our home< I can find coupon codes there.

Christmas is fast approaching and my Christmas shopping is still not done, is yours?  I will certainly take advantage of the savings I can find online and in stores, but places like Frugaa make saving money on my purchases year round.

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  1. It is the first of December here Mommy and 24 more days Christmas is here 🙂 I love shopping as well. My husband will shop by himself. Shopping with kids are tough, once they found what they wanted, they want to go home 🙂 I used coupons too when I shop online to save some money and especially free shipping, love that the most 🙂

  2. Well, who doesn’t love shopping? I heart it as much as you do and so is my husband too because I love it. Hahaha! Not too many guys love shopping but I am lucky, he goes with me without any complaints at all. Next week is shopping time for us. I hope we will find good deals on the things we wanna buy.

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