Who Can Boost Your Career?

It is a foul when you don’t know your boss in your office or work, so upon training when the Human Resources introduced you who are the bosses, if you can take a note of it. I am very forgetful especially with names and faces so I usually ask questions with my workmate or take a note of the names. Yes you should recognize your bosses or connect with them, the manager or supervisor perhaps the one whom you discuss with your assignments and the one who evaluate you with your work. But not to the instance though that you will be called sip sip, you should manage your relationship enough for them to boost your career in a major way.

You can spot your bosses in an office that you are scared to set your foot in, or in the annual or company anniversaries. You can also see them in the coffee shop down the street as well or early in the morning when the office is still quiet.

The bosses can help by helping you improve your skills and not only that they can recommend you in a higher position. When your performance is worth to be promoted they are the first one who can spot it.

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