Costume During Foundation Day At School

The costume was so simple but the color is so light to the eye. That’s the costume of Faith and her classmate during the Foundation Day at school. The only problem was since the skirt was a Jersey type; the underwear might show off through the small holes. So I went to the mall and looked for a short slash bloomer type so Faith can wear it as inner for the skirt. It was hard to look for a particular bloomer, especially when Faith is so small. Good thing that one of the sales ladies helped me find it since there was also one Mom looks the same, and she suggested the same thing. She told me that one Mom also looks for it for their dance the next day, and she guessed that we are in the same school. The pair of short that she handed me helped us a lot though, I didn’t have to worry when Faith dance and would run around the gym during the Foundation Day.

 photo HPIM1413_zps3fce53c9.jpg

Faith, even though she is struggling to dance, she performed very well this time. I mean not very well though but at least she tried to copy the one in front and she did good.

My friend and her son joined us as well. They were having some constructions at home, they tried to get away with the dusts so they went out and watch Faith dancing. It was so much fun, the only part that was not fun at all when I found out that my car was flat, oh geez!

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