Trends To Try

Yes it is comfortable to wear those stuffs that you used to wear, you can be at ease and feels like you are just you. However, there are also some trends to try that you may like in the process, like dresses with draping. It may look odd but you can try it, and you can see the classy and elegant thing about the way the fabric falls and moving softly against your skin. This kind of cuts or style can also look you slim. Aside from draping, sheer is the best option for you to try. Sheer can be cleverly sexy, it has mysterious look which you know that there is something in it but not obvious that makes you very feminine. You can try wearing sheer with chiffon top as well, some designs combines with cotton tops and with a sheer chiffon panel for your neckline and sleeves, match it with tailored pants could be great to your sophisticated look.

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