Sharing Your Snapshot And Empathizing As Well

I participate in social media, I really enjoy sharing photos and my activities with my friends, but I find it hard to express my feelings on the more popular social media sites. I came across Halka, an Empathy-based community where I can share my feelings and by posting a photo, I can see how others feel about it.

Meeting people who feel the same way about certain scenes in my photos helps me. I can feel the Empathy of others and empathize with them, share their happiness, sadness, success or failures. I think it’s important to share our emotions, whether we are happy or sad. Having people to share with can help me feel better when I feel down and proud when I have an accomplishment.

I believe I am empathic; I can often feel the emotions of others and share in them. An online Community for Empaths is out there for us. It is a social website where we can share photos that show our feelings.

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