Starting To Be Girlalou

I think I have mentioned here many times already that I bought some dresses I could sometimes wear on Sunday or even sometimes on weekdays. I wore the skirt right away on the first day I had it, I had to send Faith to school so I tried the skirt.

 photo 1376427_10201752194982718_194063452_n_zps6b4b3445.jpg

However, it was only once or twice that I wore skirt and dress when I have to send Faith to school. You see we are riding in a carpool this time, and the carpool is stopping in front of the gate, it is not really parking on the side of the street. So we have to hurry when we have to go down in the car and with dress or skirt it is hard despite you are wearing undershorts already. So I am just wearing skirt or dresses this time on Sunday’s when I go to church.

 photo 1381786_10201793389492555_1933284564_n_zpsfb9dfd3b.jpg

Last Sunday I wore this dress, the sandal that I wore was borrowed from my niece, the sandal that I have is so painful to wear on the feet it is maybe of the style. I am planning to buy another pair but not this time we are in a tight budget since our car is in the shop yet.

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