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The Right To Feel Comfortable

I am already out in the calendar, oh no it has been too long already I just kept on forgetting about it or tend to. So anyway I never wear dresses at all, I am afraid I don’t look good on it. I can only wear T pencil for skirt since it was the uniform of our office before but when I transferred to BPO’s I never wore dress at all. I always go with pair of jeans or pants; I thought that is the only best for me.

Nowadays, I got envy with women who can wear dress every day, oh well the other thing that I am worried about while wearing dresses is if I can’t walk properly, because with jeans whatever position you had or even if how fast you can walk, you are still covered even the wind blows hard on you, there’s nothing it could fly away unlike if you are wearing dress right?

My sister opened me an idea and that is to wear shorts under so at least no matter what happens, you are still covered. I think it is time for me to at least wear dresses so at least to know the feeling of being comfortable as what they always told me. The friend of my sister offered me some dresses; it is just the right timing because I really aim to wear one of these days. She had skirts that were nice that I could wear in school and some dresses on Sundays.

I already wore one skirt at school but the thing was I don’t have car, maybe I have to wait until I have my car fixed so it won’t be too hard to move around. I also have worn the dress yesterday during mass and I so like it. I am not sure if I do look good but who cares as long as I am comfortable why not right? I mean I am already in my 30’s and I guess I have all the right to feel comfortable.

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