Different Types Of Braiding, I Choose Fishtail

I woke up so late already this morning and I was late to chat with my husband in the computer. There is something wrong with our land line it doesn’t have dial tone I think I will have to go to PLDT to check what’s going on with my line. Moreover, Mj and I woke up at the same time. While chatting with my husband I was also browsing in FB and I saw this picture of different types of braids. Mj is into braids and I show the picture to her, she pointed the braids that she knows. I love the look of the Fishtail and I ask her to prove the Fishtail to me. Without any further ado, she took out my comb from my bag and start working on my hair while I am here in the computer.

Photo not mine.

It was indeed a nice bonding of me and my first born early in the morning, and I love the come up of my hair that she braid. Although she got hungry while doing my hair, she still did not stop. As a reward I made them a hotdog bun with cheese and she loves it.

Here is the outcome of my hair:

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  1. honestly, i like the fishtail too the first time I saw it from Marimar’s hair (mexico drama). I always wanted to learn how to do this. Who did it to your hair? I want to learn too. haha anyways, you hair is nice…:-)

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