Enjoying Their Service So Much That I fell Asleep

When I was still working last summer, and when I have to send my eldest daughter in Kumon, I always go to nailaholics in SM. And since I don’t have enough sleep at that time because I was working night shift. I always end up sleeping in Nailaholics while they are doing their job. I had my hand spa, manicure and pedicure at that time. The staffs spare me since they know that I had work at night, so they just let me sleep.

Oh well it doesn’t change at all when I go there yesterday, I didn’t have plans to go there at first since I just want to renew my Driver’s License. But the lady said I have to go back there at 1:30 p.m., because they need to update my records. So to kill the time I went to the Nailaholics to have manicured and eyebrows waxing and while they were doing that I feel asleep. No matter how the waxing was painful but I still felt asleep! The manicure service was almost finish and yet I still want to sleep more, so I just told them to do the hand spa as well so I can continue to sleep. I had a nice sleep there and I think I always will be whenever I am enjoying their service. LOL

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