Which Frame That Make Us Look Young?

When I had a terrible headache and my eyes seems like so heavy, I went to the Ophthalmologist right away to have it check. The Ophthalmologist recommended me immediately for prescribed glasses. She said I have astigmatism and that I have to wear eyeglasses to correct it. That time I didn’t buy glasses yet but I asked for some medicines to subside the headache and for my itchy eyes. She also recommended me vitamins for the eyes that are so expensive. I just buy 10 and not 30 to at least minimize the expenses for the day.

When my husband went here last month, we went to eyeglasses shop right away. The Doctor then checked my eye and confirmed that I have astigmatism and the only way to correct it is wearing eyeglasses. So it is really confirmed that I have damaged eyes as well. My husband is the one who choose a frame for me, it is somewhat wide since it is my first time to wear eyeglasses and I have to be used to it. If I picked up the small frames, I might have a hard time of adjusting it.

I didn’t expect that when I don’t wear my eyeglasses, I would still be okay. However last Saturday, while I was working here in my computer, after like how many hours I felt like my head was so heavy and after a while it aches terribly hard. I went to the saloon and it continued to ache. My youngest daughter already reminded me to always wear my eyeglasses but I am just being so stubborn, now I learned my lesson I guess I really need it for now.

I am not sure though what type of frames to make me look young would it small or this kind of size but I don’t care anymore, as long as I will not suffer from headache that it matters a lot to me. Maybe next time when I have to buy other eyeglasses again, I should look online which size that suits me.

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