The Right Application For Makeup

Keeping your makeup even is the most important thing you can do with your cosmetics. Whether you’re just putting on a simple coat of concealer to smooth your skin out or going full-tilt with an exotic look, you need your makeup to be level and even without smudging. If it’s too thick or too thin compared to the rest of your makeup, it can change the apparent contours of your face and cause other problems. Applying the makeup evenly is important no matter what.

Your first option to get even makeup is to make sure you apply things in the right order. Make sure you place your foundation, concealer, blush and so forth on in the correct order. If you intend to use lotion, check to determine that it’s compatible with makeup first.

In the actual application process, don’t be afraid to use sweeping motions with your brushes. Much like sweeping, using short clipped strokes will make it harder to keep makeup even and precise.

The easiest option takes a little investment, but will most reliably produce even makeup. Air brush make up utilizes liquified makeup droplets and high pressure to spray your skin with cosmetic pigments. The makeup itself is basically the same, but the application method means no smudging and no guesswork. It takes some investment up-front and restricts your choice of makeup, but using airbrushed cosmetics allows for an even coat even on a bad day, and is generally more immediately convenient. While it requires some up-front cost, it can save you grief in the long term.

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