Shut Down

Everyone was so surprised that some offices in the states are shutting down because of the economy crisis that they are going through. Oh well mostly though are National Parks since they are under Federal Government. My husband told me that it was not possible at all, with the status of the US now, they eventually gonna close some offices. The US president supposedly going to visit the Philippines this month but with this shutting down some offices I guess he can’t be here and that includes of some other countries that he supposed to visit this year. Philippines and the US has a good relationship, I hope that this would not affect also our economy. I mean we are already struggling with so many issues in our Government, the Pork Barrel Scam, the PDAF and DAP are still not resolving. And I guess it will take a while for it to resolve, although as they said they said the Queen of Pork Barrel is already in jail, however it doesn’t stop there. She still have so many connections who is also responsible with all of this and until now is free in the Senate.

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