Nail Happiness And Some Random Thoughts

I went to locksmith again today for my car; the other door is not opening properly. And since it is in front of the school where my friend is studying, I messaged her if we could have lunch together at the nearest cafeteria. We saw each other but she already have lunch at home so she just waited for me. Right after I took my lunch we went to the nearest saloon for toe nails cleaning, I supposedly not to do it today since I just have done my manicure and pedicure last week. However my friend insists to accompany her at the saloon and so I did. And now I have my pink toe nails, somewhat pink because it is not really pink at all.

I was late to fetch my youngest daughter, I drove fast as I could even I got disappointed once again because my door glass is not cooperating, it won’t close and so I drove like sweating all over even the air con is on. I found Faith at the waiting area with a teacher and I was disappointed once again because the teacher said she did not behave, she tried to climb in the railings in the wall.

Faith and I talked in the car and I told her since she did not behave, she has to lie down on the bed and sleep. Ah she hates taking a nap like me when I was yet a child. She even insisted that it is daytime so it is not a schedule for her to sleep. Oh well she could not do anything but to follow, there will be no TV, no computer, no DVD player, and no Sketch pad. Anyway, right now she is trying to keep herself busy and answered her activity book. Her Dad was happy about that the activity book that he bought for Faith is very useful for her.

So that was it, I am a busy Mom here and I can’t for wait the weekend because I will have time to chat with my friends living abroad. It was also nice to see my friend here; she is the only one I am close to now. I mean the one whom I often seeing at the moment. I hope she will not tell me one day that she will be flying to other country just like my friends who are already out of the country. Geez, I always left alone.

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