Family Day @ My Youngest’s School

Geez, I almost forgot that today is Faith’s Family Day at school, I just told my husband last night that we have to wake up early in the morning today to attend the Family Day at school. I did not bring anything because I thought that the 50 pesos was our contribution but heck no! When we arrived at school, I noticed that some of the parents brought some foods, good thing a friend of mine went there as well since her daughter is also studying in the same school. We had some chats and later since it seems like, I mean I feel like I am lacking something. I ordered a German Moist Cake from her. It was the right timing because she have an extra spare of cake at home so she don’t have to bake for me instead she will just do some frosting and she can deliver it to school right away. She was on her way at school when I found out that the Kinder 2 and of my youngest section, we are obliged to bring any dessert and I didn’t know! My friend was a blessing in disguise because she just approaches me the right time.

 photo 1234983_10201595438783911_1368099366_n_zps886857be.jpg

Here is my youngest daughter and Daddy; they had so much fun just being together. Mj on the other hand went to her friend in the other bench to catch up with her, I mean it has been a while that they have seen and talked each other. It is the best time indeed for both of them.

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