Eye Prescription

Last Friday right after my husband arrived and checked in our hotel, we went to the eye glasses department right away. You see the last glasses that we bought did not resolved his eyes so we have to have that one fix however, we were not able to do it for free because aside from I don’t have the receipt as I misplaced it somewhere, it has been 2 months already since we bought it and the warranty has already been expired. They said we should return it right away so they can return it to their supplier to adjust without any charges. But of course we can’t do that since my husband has to go back in the states for his eye operation. We have to buy another glasses again for him since the last time did not resolved, my husband just go with it since we don’t have to replace the frame anymore.

And since my eye is having an issue, we also need to buy my own eye glasses with the right prescription. I don’t want it at first worried that I might look old at all. I mean yeah I am not getting any younger and my wrinkles is always ¬†showing up in my face but as long as I could I don’t want to add up being age by putting an eye glass on but I don’t ¬†have any choice this time since my head is terribly aching nowadays. I really need the eye prescription.

My husband was the one who picked the style of my frame and the eye glass and when I tried it on the first time, it was not bad at all. My daughter even keeps on telling me I looked so cute with my eyeglasses and I looked good on it. Mj is hard to please when it comes to my fashion but this time I guess she agrees.

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