Battle Crisis

I am just so devastated to know that one of our cities here in the country is attacked by rebels. The city is one of the busiest places in our country but now it looks like it is Ghost Town. We can only see some military guarding the whole city. I heard there were already 4 barangays that were captive by the rebels. They said they wanted to claim their rights and be independent and wanted to raise their own flag at the city hall. All classes were suspended, even the airport is closed, and all the business establishments were not open as the government is trying to condemn the group. I heard that the finals for Batang Pinoy will be held in that city but the sports commission is now deciding to just transfer the venue of the event.

Some said that this thing is just a cover up for the Pork Barrel Scam so for the officials to get away with the issue, I hope not. I hope that as the military is trying battle the rebels, our government should continue to investigate those corrupt officials who are still seating on their marvelous chair in the Senate.

I could not imagine myself in between the battles, the hostages are taking risks just to live and so some escaped but there are still hundreds who are trapped in 4 barangays, I hope they are all fine. I hope the rebels are still taking good care of them, their heart might be as hard as stone yet I am sure there is still a soft spot on their heart to free those hostages, especially women and children.

God Bless the Philippines.

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