We Want A Facial Spa And A Massage

I really need a facial spa this time, my pimple is gone but it leaves a mark on the top of my nose and it is dark and round so it is really obvious. I am planning about tomorrow since after we drop Faith to school, we will go to Pag-ibig to pay my contribution and the house in Ph 1 as well. I also need a solution for this bump on my fingers, it looks like mole already because of the blood that clots, and it seems like it is trapped or something. Yes I have some skin issues right now and a hypoallergenic soap could not do anything with my skin right now. I need a treatment; I hope my husband would agree with me, he also needs a massage because his neck is a bit painful due to a wrong position while lying in bed. But he don’t wanna go to just a some sort of massage parlor that offers extra services. Of course I also don’t want that, Metro Lifestyle is the first thing I have in mind but let’s see if we can do it one of these days.

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