American’s Apple Pie

Jeans are as American as apple pie. They have been rugged work wear that stands up to rough and tumble jobs as the choice of American workers from rounding up cattle to those welding car frames for well over 100 years.

But you don’t have to be employed in a rugged job to appreciate the comfort and long wear of a pair of well-constructed, quality jeans. Jeans are acceptable to be worn almost anywhere you choose to go. Built tough doesn’t mean a lack of style. Tough denim is crafted into many styles of jeans to fit any activity and reflect many different personalities. Men women and children work, play and relax in jeans from companies that got their start in America, such as Dickies has taken the standard jeans of the late 1800’s and made them into a modern, chic standard. Denim blue has morphed into several other colors, such as black and even white. High waist, low waist, boot cut and skinny are only a few varieties available. Pre-washed, stone-washed and even stressed material adds choices for individual tastes. No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of a fashion statement that represents America across the world.

Wearing a favorite pair of jeans is like spending time with an old friend- the fit is just right and makes for a perfect day.

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