2 + 2 = 4

 We just finished our dinner that Faith want to go to the CR to pee, Mj, Mariel and Moreen went with me, and you know the hotel’s CR, they are so much different from our house. So we pose and took a picture of us in front of the mirror. Mariel was the first niece who stayed with me at home and this year her cousin Moreen stayed with us, so I got 4 girls in total now. Some of my friends even joked me that I got 2 adopted daughters and those are my niece. Oh well, it is always a pleasure to help these girls with their school, all I ask is that they will do good in their studies and will graduate college soon.

  photo 1235404_10201595409623182_456675718_n_zps3b360efb.jpg

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